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Edo Residents Battle Armed Robbers and Cultists as Soldiers and Some Policemen Gradually Return to Work


Regular arrests and jungle justice are being employed by affected Edo residents in Benin City and its adjoining suburbs to combat the recent increased criminal activities of hoodlums cashing in on the absence of policemen on the roads and in many police stations. 
About three armed robbers were lynched during the week while 2 others were arrested and handed over to the police who responded to distress calls around the notorious Upper Sakponba Road area. Soldiers were also reported to have repelled attacks by suspected cultists who are still in the process of reprisal attacks to avenge the loss of some of their members.
The criminals who have employed all sorts of underhand tactics including using under-aged teenage boys for reconnaissance of their projected targets have been marauding some parts of Benin City, snatching things from people and breaking into shops and minimally secured neighborhoods to steal anything in sight including pots of soups and food ingredients in some cases.
In Igbinosa, a street close to the headquarters of Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, and Octogenarian shop-owner, Madam Airhunwunde had her modest supplies carted away by the hoodlums while Edo slept at night.A residence of Benin who kept vigil amid incessant barrages of gunshots thorough the nights appealed in video posted on social media to Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki to expedite action on the full return of security agencies on the streets 
See video:
In many areas, the people have resorted to jungle justice to deter other potential criminals from indulging in anti-social activities in their neighbourhoods. 
As things stand in Benin, many Police Stations are still under lock and key as a result of the actions of vandals and arsonists when the hitherto peaceful #EndSars Protests in October were hijacked by criminals who also released over a thousand inmates of the two correctional facilities located in Edo State.
While the police has successfully rearrested dozens of the escaped prisoners, some others are still at large fomenting trouble in remote areas of Benin City and surrounding towns.People are also resorting to self help while praying for quick return of policemen to the city as they literally sleep with one eye open.
Mr Godwin Obaseki has been reassuring the people of the state of adequate security in due course after meeting with the Inspector General of Police recently and promised to rehabilitate vandalized and burnt police stations while also providing welfare for policemen and other security agents operating in the state.


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