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Nigerians Hail Young Lady Found Acquiring Auto Electrical Skills in Sapele, Delta state


Images of a young Sapele, Delta State  lady undergoing apprenticeship as an auto-electrician and car air-conditioning system trainee has been generating favourable comments from Nigerians. 
Lady simply called Sophia was seen by an impressed onlooker who could not resist the temptations of asking her first permission to take done photographs. 

Abiodun Etchie, obviously elated with the lady’s decision to acquire such skills reported that he saw her at her mechanical workshop frequently and thought she had come with her boyfriend to fix his car, only to discover that she was actually an apprentice.

Some took swipes at other young girls who scout for ‘urgent 2k’ (a term used by youths to describe lazy ladies who scout for monetary gifts instead of seeking for means of gainful employment), urging them to emulate Sophia.
Others advised the young lady apprentice to dress more worker-like befitting the job description of an auto-technician like coveralls and a shorter hairdo.
More encouragements were showered on the lady and others hoped to join her soon in her laudable venture of trying to earn their keep without resorting to any social vices. 
Youth enterprise initiatives are much needed to engage our teeming young population of able and capable youths and will require support from government agencies and charity organizations interested in lifting people out of the poverty conundrum in Nigeria. 


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