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Gbaramatu Ijaw Elder Calls for Speed-up of Ogoni Clean Up


by Henry Omoregie

Comrade Sheriff Mulade, a traditional High Chief in the Ancient Gbaramatu Kingdom of Delta State has called on the federal government and all other stakeholders in the Ogoni Clean Up to expedite actions required for the successful remediation of contaminated soils and waters of Ogoni land as supervised by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Comrade Mulade who is also the National Coordinator of Center for Peace and Environmental Justice, CEPEJ, noted that the clean up, remediation and restoration of the degraded Ogoni land in Rivers State, caused by oil and gas exploration activities by multinational oil companies about forty years ago will instil confidence of the people in the government of the day and bring hope and succour to the affected communities.

The Ijaw High Chief made the call during the weekend, while speaking with newsmen on the highly devastated Ogoni land in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Comrade Mulade asserted that a collaboration between the Federal, State Governments, local
government councils and Ogoni communities; federal and State environmental agencies, as well as Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations will enhance efforts to remediate and restore the degraded Ogoni environment for safe habitation.

Chief Mulade observed while analysing the United Nations Environmental Programme, UNEP’s scientific investigation and recommendations on Ogoni land, that “forty years after the crude oil spillages inOgoniland, there are evidences that heavy metals have contaminated the land and ground water, the community’s source of drinking water contains a dangerous concentration of benzene substance, nine hundred (900) times more than the recommended standard for drinking water.”

Comrade Mulade also noted that the soil contamination is more than five metres deep in many areas that were studied according to the UNEP report.


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