Home Innovation How to Create Improvised Security Alarm Systems At Home.

How to Create Improvised Security Alarm Systems At Home.


Create your own security alarm system

With hunger and uncertainty everywhere, more crimes are being reported in neighborhoods. Since security agencies cannot virtually police every nook and cranny of our neighborhoods nationwide, efforts must be made no matter how little to minimize crime.

One such effort is the availability of early warning systems. Vigilantes and other individual security security arrangements can be assisted with simple use of mobile devices and portable rechargeable battery speakers which are found in almost every home.

The first stem is to ensure the rechargeable speaker is fully or adequately charged before nightfall. Some of the criminals do not wait for darkness to fully engulf neighborhoods before engaging in their nefarious activities.

Next is to download home alarm systems from Google play store on the phone. They are thankfully free to download.

Before going indoors for the night rest, connect the rechargeable speaker to the phone’s Bluetooth wireless network and test-run the alarm system. Increase the volume of the speaker and place at a vantage point within reach of the Bluetooth connectivity.

The alarm can be heard dozens of houses away. This can deter night marauders and keep the neighborhood safe


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