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Plant-based plastics coming soon?

Newsrooms have been buzz with excitement as the story of a biochemicals company in the Netherlands that hopes to make plastic from plant sugars make the rounds.
The company,Avantium had earlier produced the first renewable pouches, made of BOPEF film and bio-PE.

They are now working with beer-maker, Carlsberg, on a cardboard bottle prototype that is lined with an inner layer of plant-based material.
The plant-based plastic is designed to be tough enough to contain carbonated drinks and degrade in just a few years.
To achieve this , the firm breaks down sustainable plant sugars into simple chemical structures that can then be rearranged to form a new plant-based plastic.

If successful , this will reduce the 300 million tons of plastic produced from fossil fuels every year, most of which are not recycled and contributes to the ocean plastic crisis threatening to snuff life out of the oceans of the world.

Avantium revealed it will soon unveil partnerships with other major companies such as Coca-Cola who are the top contributors to plastic pollution world-wide.


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