Home Community Covid19:300 level UniJos student shot dead for disobeying lock down order

Covid19:300 level UniJos student shot dead for disobeying lock down order


The first victim of Covid 19 in Plateau State did not die of Corona- he was killed by a yet- to be identified person who was supposed to be ensuring people stay safe and stay home.

There is tension in Jos the capital of Plateau state following the murder of Rinji Peter Bala a 300L Student of Unijos by a trigger happy, yet-to -be identified man in Military uniform for disobeying COVID-19 Lockdown order.
The young boy was allegedly shot by a trigger happy soldier in Jos on Tuesday May 12.

SISI Port Harcourt gathered that the victim and his friends were apprehended by Members of the local Vigilante group at Wolshe area overhead Bridge for violating the COVID-19 lockdown order imposed by the state government and handed them over to the soldiers who are stationed around 18th street lounge with the suspicion that Rinji and his friends may be criminals, the soldiers however, transferred them to the Army sector 1, Zaria Road stadium where Rinji and his friends were tortured and asked to run away by the soldiers, however, while they were running, they heard gun shots coming at them and in the process Rinji Bala was killed.


The death of Rinji has caused uproar in many quarters as civil society organizations, individuals and the student communities are planning a protest in complete disobedience of the COVID-19 Lockdown orders in the State.


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